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Thank you for visiting Nutrition: Natures Way. My name is Terri-Rachel and I am a Nutritional Therapist, Metabolic Rate Specialist and Master Herbalist. My career in Nutritional Therapy arose from two key passions in my life, a love of cooking and helping people, which is underpinned by my belief in preventing and treating ailments through dietry habits and lifestyle.

After working closely with and caring for friends and family I could see first hand how nutrition played a significant role in their everyday well-being and the positive impact this had on their lives. This also gave me a specialist interest in how nutrition can minimise symptoms of inherited auto-immune diseases such as coeliacs, rheumatoid and Crohns disease.
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Nutritional Therapy is a complimentary therapy to promote health, peak performance and individual care through modifying habits and lifestyle changes.
Herbal medicine is a form of natural healing that assists a person back to good health through detoxification, nutrition, hydrotherapy, fasting and alternative means.
A metabolic rate diet system is based on how your metabolism works and how it can be manipulated to enahnce your weight loss. It can be developed specificly to boost your weight loss efficiently.

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